22 Tips for Valentines

Valentines 2022

22 Tips for a good and loving partnership

1. SKIN TO SKIN – on a nightly basis! Even after a fight. This is your reset button and soul-charge!

2. Remember- you are NOT your parents. Your partnership can be different; however, it will require you to change your physiological memory of love and relationships.

3. Daily physical activity to lift you up day after day. You want to bring uplifting energy to the relationship.

4. You are half of the ingredients of your partnership! What kind of energy will you bring to it?

5. You will constantly need to choose between fear and love. Between closing up and opening up. YOU CAN CHOOSE LOVE AGAIN AND AGAIN. Love is the antidote for fear. The more you practice choosing LOVE, the more natural it will become.

6. Learn who YOU are. What do YOU want?!

7. Talk from the heart. Don’t let things stack up. Otherwise, you might end up looking like a Volcano- erupting unexpectedly once in a while.


9. Understand your needs and find ways to fulfill them.


11. Learn your boundaries.

12. Listen to your inner-child aching. It still yearns for the things you as a child needed the most but didn’t receive. Soothe the inner-child. See them. Hear them. And then reassure them that they are safe now with that grown-up part in you that is just beside them.

13. Be constantly in growth mode. So you are not ‘pushed’ into growth.

14. GRATITUDE. Gratitude changes your physiology. Get used to this new view of goodness.

15. When you think your partner meant something that hurt you. Especially if you are totally sure of it- There are high chances your brain is creating this- DON’T BELIEVE YOUR BRAIN. ASK YOUR PARTNER WHAT THEY MEANT AND IF THEY MEANT TO HURT YOU.

16. Whatever we put our focus on grows. Notice- do you focus on the lacks? Do you focus on goodness?

17. Focusing on the lacks of our partner is a distraction from our own lacks. Accept your own humanly self with the lacks AND the goodness.

18. If you don’t know whether you want to stay together or not- then change the questions to: Would I want to stay with me? Do what it takes to be the best version of yourself! Then- if it is right- you will continue your journey together. If not- it’ll end anyway.

19. Be generous with your LOVE. Let it flow freely from you outwards (not pleasing. Love.)

20. Playfulness. See how you can add the quality of fun and playfulness to your relationship. We want to create more of the qualities that we DO want (it doesn’t happen on its own, neither- it is created after all the buckets of sadness have been finished. Add the new.)

21. Look after your physical and mental health. After all-you are half of the ingredients (see point no. 4).

22. When your body closes up- it’s ok. It’s just fear making sure you are alright. Fear making sure the inner-child won’t ever get hurt again. Love is the antidote for fear. Bathe yourself in this metaphorical bath of love. Over and over again. Feel it in your body- get to know more and more how it feels. Let it shine from you onwards. BE THE CHANGE and you will forever be grateful. to you.

Happy Valentine’s 2022!

Ronit Haase

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