I believe

Every Person has the Right to Acquire the Skills to Create a Meaningful and Happy Relationship!

What is my work about?

I’m Ronit Haase, a certified therapist, writer and speaker. Human nature has always fascinated me and I have a way of radiating this to my clients. They learn to be explorers of their own selves. A few years ago I noticed something interesting. My clients started ending therapy pretty quickly, and with great results! I saw that they got it. That brought a great sense of relief and an ability to make the changes they wanted and needed for themselves and their relationship. They were getting excited at the persons they were becoming. That is when I had this unstoppable urge to write things down and spread out the word.i

Why did I choose to work with couples?

I myself grew up on the fairy tale concept of happily ever after, unconsciously of course, and put it into practice. It turned out to be a total disaster. After I made a shift of consciousness, and realized my ability to walk others through this process I had an urge to re-write the story of love from the point where the fairy tale writers put down their pens. I knew this was a collective social unconscious that is ready for a shift. Only that this time it wasn’t a pink and fluffy dream world performing love, but a down to earth and embodied understanding of love so that it can actually be put into practice.

My qualifications

My life journey is an accumulation of the tools used in my book, the digital course and in couples therapy. I started as a programmer which provided me with a rational and logical perspective. I then continued to an MA in Movement Psychotherapy, where I learned about body-mind connectivity as a vital part of therapy. I trained as an emotionally focused couples therapist (EFT) and got an important picture of couple dynamics. I then continued to a PhD program on the topics of Psychoanalysis and Philosophy- a critical aspect that gives words and meanings to the things we didn’t even know we needed. The great philosophers say we need to explore that which is obvious, and that wisdom is greatly needed for thriving in love. Today, I write, speak and facilitate workshops to spread out these tools for happiness.

On a personal note

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