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'Your Happily Ever Love List' Digital Course

This course is a great complementary to ‘Your happily ever love list’ book, but can also be purchased on it’s own. Whilst the book provides a precise guided map to your happily ever, the course provides additional knowledge and deepening to the chapters in the book.

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 Ronit Haase

By joining this course you will:

  •  Acquire a deep understanding of love that will take your relationship up to the next level.
  • If you are not in a relationship- this course will provide you an understanding of why past relationships have not worked for you, and how to prepare yourself for the next one.
  • Learn basic therapeutic knowledge that therapists work with.
  • Be able to talk together more casually about love.
  • Get a holistic and encompassing understanding of love from a variety of disciplines, thus providing the bigger picture of things. That is why- even if you are already in therapy- joining this course is highly recommend!

In this course Ronit Haase talks about the chapters in her book with additional deepening inorder to assist you in assimilating what you have read. You can also purchase the course as a standalone.

To continue your journey to enhance your love life -

‘Falling in love mostly happens on it’s own. Love, on the other hand, requires a deep and mature understanding. Luckily, this is something that one can learn and put into practice.’

 Ronit Haase


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