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case study no. 1
A woman connecting to her femininity
The age of the emerging feminine (written with consent. Identifying details have been removed) Lauren has led her whole life looking after herself, watching her back. She managed to recover from a difficult childhood and create her new life; A well-paid job, a luxurious apartment in the Upper East side. Yet, something was missing.
We all have a masculine and feminine aspect. Men and women- each- have both aspects. One may be more dominant than the other, one can be repressed. In this case we noticed she was very goal oriented, and oh… did she achieve her goals. Excellently! Her masculine aspects were definitely present.
Yet, her body was ill. Various chronic illnesses and pain. In the specific session she mentioned IBS- Irritable bowel syndrome. On that particular day she also felt pain in the uterus as she was having her period. Her uterus was in pain (and no- periods don’t need to be painful). The feminine was aching. The feminine that was oppressed – on the cultural level and on the individual level is aching. I guided her to breath into the pain. See... we tend to contract the body when in pain. However, these areas needed the oxygen- the basic need for life. They also needed to know they are safe.
She has worked her whole life creating a masculine aspect that is strong enough to look after her. It was now the time for the feminine to come out. It was too painful to continue to repress it. It is safe now.
The feminine aspect is repressed by many women. On the cultural level- the #MeToo movement demonstrated the strengthening of the masculine aspect within women to be strong enough to allow the feminine to emerge. It started emerging with the pain, similar to the pain in and around the feminine areas that Lauren is suffering from.
What now? Now the feminine can continue to come out. The feminine is intuitive. She allows herself to feel. She allows herself to be. She is accepted. After years of guarding her body, being on the look out- her body wants to rest. To feel safe. To trust. To voice. To bring the inner conflicts to peace. To live authentically. She yearns softness. Softness that comes from inner- strength. Effortless. Safe.
As for the man beside her- it can be his growth as well. When the woman besides you is connected to her inner strength- she will lead you to connect to your inner-strength as well. She will accept you as you are and lead you to your higher potential. She will teach you authenticity. You are now two birds soaring together.
When Lauren read this text, she was saddened. She recalled a friend saying: “… now all you need is a penis...” (...and she is a beautiful woman!). She recalled the pain of her suffering and how strong she needed to be. How exhausting it is to be so strong. All- the- time.
It was also an opportunity to remember how lucky she was to have such a strong masculine aspect. It served her greatly and still is. She knows how to create and actually transform ideas into reality. In this sense her feminine and masculine parts are one. Working at it’s best. The next step is to know she is strong enough to allow softness. Softness that comes out of strength. Softness that can allow the man besides her to be a man and treat her as a woman.
Thank you Lauren, for telling the story of so many women ⁦❤️
case study no. 2
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