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Expecting? OR Understanding?

“I just wish she would be more understanding than expecting…” I heard a friend say on the weekend so clearly what my clients keep saying in the clinic, in different ways and words of course…

What do you prefer to get from your partner? Expectations or understanding?

How are you towards them? more expecting? or more understanding?

Towards yourself? more expecting? or more understanding?

This is very delicate and subtle. It may raise questions such as:

In understanding the other- do I cancel or even sacrifice my own being?

What I expect from the other- Do I have it within me? Do I walk the talk? (at first glance it may seem you are… look deeper!)

Having no expectations- Does it mean I’m settling? Isn’t it ok to want more? to yearn for more?

It’s complex, isn’t it?

I welcome you to share your thoughts. I also invite you this week to try to set expectations aside, to make space to hear and listen to the different voices that arise within.

Who’s joining the experiment? Let’s see towards the weekend what came up for you.

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