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I believe that falling in love happens on it’s own. Growing in love, however, is something that one can learn! It’s about acquiring a new approach to love.

What couples experience in their relationship is their partner pressing their sensitive buttons. They then react to that. So what often happens is that a couple presses each other’s buttons and constantly react to each other.  This is the ‘natural’ way for many couples. Understanding the dynamics helps to get out of this endless spiral and actually making room for love.

Then take the initiative of learning about love yourself. Knowledge is power- in a good sense! Once you can understand yourself, you can start to understand your partner and actually create change.

Once you can gain insight into how you see love, and that it is not working for you, you can open possibilities for other ways of experiencing love. It’s not about whether you are in short or long-term relationship, but about the quality of the bond that you can create with another person.

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