If Only James Bond came to therapy

Therapist: “Mr. Bond… why are you here? Mr. Bond?”

James: “You see… my relationships were mostly pretty short-termed. Literally ‘pretty’ and ‘short-termed’. It felt the cast just kept changing… so I was never able to actually deepen any relationship”.

Therapist:”hmmmm…and why do you think that was the case?”

James: “I’m not sure. All I know is that my world was constantly shaken. Not gently stirred”. “It is gentle for short moments. Then- something always comes up. I handle it quite well though. And elegantly if I may add. “

Therapist: “you do…”

Therapist:” For short moments in relationships as well?”

James:”well, the women I meet- they either try to kill me or I need to save them, usually both at the same time. I’m saving their lives as they are trying to kill me. So yes- short moments.”

Therapist:”Must be challenging to open up to someone who’s trying to kill you.”

James [pauses]:”it is”

Therapist:”whilst you are on a mission to save the world…How is it to be the world hero?”

James:”well, … I’m always expected to do the right thing, be on top of things. I mostly expect it from myself”

Therapist:” and what do you want?”

          It seems 007 was so busy taking care of everyone else, he never did pause to ask himself what he wants or what he needs. He never actually saw himself. When we discussed the home he came from, it turned out his parent were not around. He was never actually ‘seen’ by someone in the world. As he never really experienced this feeling, he wasn’t able to internalize this quality and actually see himself, nor the women he met. They were both objects in service of others. Bond was never able to actually bond. He was charming with action and fun. But there was never room for feelings. Therapy has helped him finally see ‘James’ for the first time in his life. Only after a process of getting to know who he is, he was open to actually get to know a woman.

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