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“All You Need is Love”

What they didn’t consider is Freud’s idea of the repetition compulsion which basically means that we will continuously find ourselves in a similar quality of relationship over and over again, with the same partner or with a new one. In lesson 6 you will get a full understanding of this mechanism and how to change the cycle to achieve the change you yearn for. So the question is: Is love all you need? or do you also need a new way of relating!

 Ronit Haase

We offer to rewrite the story of love.

This book tells your Happily Ever love story.  This book observes the gap between what we think we know about love, and what is needed to make it work! In this book, I outline more than a dozen powerful concepts that will transform and strengthen every important relationship in your life.

Most of us have experienced falling in love.
It practically happens on it’s, doesn’t it?

The question is what happens when the high settles off?

“Falling in love is like a helicopter taking you up to the tip of the mountain. You get a glimpse of how wonderful love can be. After a while, the aircraft takes you down to the ground. You know what love CAN be. Now start climbing that steep mountain, in the mud, through the storms, through the sunny moments, laughter, and cry. The only thing is… you are scaling Mount Everest, but you didn’t get any training for that. Nor do you have the proper gear.” ~from my book ‘Your Happily Ever Love Lists’

 Ronit Haase


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“This book is like a lighthouse for me”
– Tamar Steiner 
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