The Circle of life according to Wittgenstein and Freud

Wittgenstein, the well known philosopher, talks about ‘my world’ as I know it. He portrays it as a circle – where the inside- is the world I know and the outside of the circle- is outside of my world. 
In the current moment in time we do not have access to this area, as if we did- it would be already included in the boundaries of ‘my world’. In business terms it is called the area that ‘I don’t know that I don’t know’. This is also the area that presents the ‘more’ that I want for my self, the ‘more’ that we cannot even put into words.
We usually word our wants with sentences such as:
‘If only he/ she were more….’
‘If only I won the lottery…’ and so on.
However this kind of wording represents not the change that the other needs to make, but the exact qualities that we ourselves are challenging. Those qualities that according to Freud we will continuously meet again and again from birth and throughout life with the hope of breaking the cycle. It can create anger and frustration or cause us to numb out and disconnect.
So how can we break the cycle then?
We find the words. We take the chaotic and discombobulated thoughts and put the puzzle together, that helps make sense of the world. Many sessions end with silence as one realizes and internalizes the new perceptions they have just acquired. The new possibilities that opened up. Wittgenstein’s circle has opened up and the change yearned for are now at the doorstep.
This is an explorative adventure for the brave.
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